Nevropsykolog Magne Olsen Home    about bernier pt    meet the therapists    faqs    patient info    contact us    press how to care for a rotator cuff injury by dr. Why are viagra commercials blue Richard bernier, p. viagra sales in uk T. How the shoulder works the shoulder is a complex joint with great mobility and strength. viagra non-prescription alternative It is comprised of three bones, the shoulder blade, collar bone and the upper arm bone or humerus the primary muscles responsible for moving the shoulder are the deltoids, latissimus, pectorals and a group of four small muscles collectively known as the rotator cuff. viagra canada safp The biceps and triceps also play a lesser role. buying viagra on line Many shoulder injuries affect the rotator cuff. viagra 100 mg zu viel It is formed by four muscles attached at one end to the shoulder blade and at the other as a common tendon to the humerus. Costo viagra generico mexico Its primary function is to control the movement of the large ball of the humerus in the smaller acromial socket. buy viagra When moving the shoulder, the ball must maintain an orientation in the socket. If it does not, a subluxation, or a dislocation may occur. buy viagra online from canadian pharmacy It is the rotator cuff's responsibility to prevent this from happening. By contracting at precise moments, the rotator cuff holds the ball in place while the other larger muscles move the joint, allowing throwing, reaching, punching and many other actions. discounted generic viagra It should be clear by now that an injury to the rotator cuff would have a serious impact on activity. where to buy cials and viagra online Providing physical therapy for a rotator cuff injury in the course of a day at a physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic, a physical therapist may treat a variety of rotator cuff injuries, ranging from tendonitis to partial and complete tears, some even requiring surgical repair. movie zoloft viagra A tendonitis, or inflammation, is very painful and will inhibit the rotator cuff from functioning properly. viagra 100 mg zu viel The physical therapist may use therapeutic ultrasound, tissue mobilization, range of motion and other therapeutic exercises to reduce inflammation and pain, while restoring functional mobility. viagra 100mg tablets Tears that are not repaired require strengthening of the other muscles of the shoulder to maintain balance around the joint. Viagra pill in india Tears that are surgically repaired require gentle range of motion by the therapist. As the repair heals, the therapist will introduce exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff and increase proper mechanics and function. While rotator cuff injuries are common, they are not the only injuries the shoulder may acquire. generic viagra without no rx Bur. discount super viagra canadian viagra without a doctor prescription

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